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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your Big Girl Room!

OMG you are a Big Girl!!!

You have moved into your Big Girl room with a new Big Girl bed!! You have done so well sleeping in your new room :)

As your Daddy and I figured you'd want everything PINK and PRINCESS. You've also gained a new sleeping buddy..... Maggie!

We just got Maggie her new PINK bed to sleep on in your BIG GIRL Room! She definitely likes it because, she didn't move all night.

Your Daddy has spoiled you....... since you've moved into the Big Girl Room you have kept the tv GiGi used....... I know we are going to have a battle when it is taken out in 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks you ask well you little sister Edie is expected to arrive and GiGi will be here with us as well!! Yea reinforcements

So we shall see how that goes and that means back to the books my little princess!!!

Your Daddy and I are so happy that you LOVE your Big Girl Room! You always want to hang out in your room and ask for Daddy and Mommy to lie in bed with you :)

Watching you grow each day is a special moment I will cherish FOREVER. I just hope you don't grow up too fast!!!!!!!

We love you with all our hearts
Daddy and Mommy


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