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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your Big Girl Room!

OMG you are a Big Girl!!!

You have moved into your Big Girl room with a new Big Girl bed!! You have done so well sleeping in your new room :)

As your Daddy and I figured you'd want everything PINK and PRINCESS. You've also gained a new sleeping buddy..... Maggie!

We just got Maggie her new PINK bed to sleep on in your BIG GIRL Room! She definitely likes it because, she didn't move all night.

Your Daddy has spoiled you....... since you've moved into the Big Girl Room you have kept the tv GiGi used....... I know we are going to have a battle when it is taken out in 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks you ask well you little sister Edie is expected to arrive and GiGi will be here with us as well!! Yea reinforcements

So we shall see how that goes and that means back to the books my little princess!!!

Your Daddy and I are so happy that you LOVE your Big Girl Room! You always want to hang out in your room and ask for Daddy and Mommy to lie in bed with you :)

Watching you grow each day is a special moment I will cherish FOREVER. I just hope you don't grow up too fast!!!!!!!

We love you with all our hearts
Daddy and Mommy

Monday, December 3, 2012

Elly Ann's Jingle Bells

Elly Ann has recreated the classic "Jingle Bells" song into her own! You'll have to listen, its just too cute!
A little insight might help..... we are headed to Christmas Towne next weekend in Williamsburg, VA to see Santa Clause the Elfs and his Reindeer!!

Cant wait to share pixs from Christmas Towne!! Christmas is coming so fast this year!!! Makes it so much with EA and her excitement for Santa and presents and family visiting!


On Saturday Dec. 1, the whole family packed into the car set out to find our Special Christmas Tree!
We headed down I-66 with no traffic worries (which was a delightful suprise) to WhiteTop, VA. The countryside where there were lots of farms and winerys.

We ended up at Ashcroft Tree Farm, which was georgous! Lots of trees to choose from and a beautiful pond and owners house that overlooked everything.

EA was overjoyed to be getting her Christmas Tree and to be the one that picks it out!!!

Jason got a saw, yes hand-held saw to cut down the tree....... and we were off in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

EA found one she liked....... estimated at about 30 feet!! OMG!! Can't blame her though it would be super nice but HELLO no way its gonna fit on the car nor in the house, so off on the search again.....

WE FOUND IT! Everyone loves the tree and we have decided its OUR PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE!

Jason proceeds to cut the tree and before we know it, its a success!! We are hauling it off to be bailed and tied to the car.

Once we got home with our Perfect Christmas Tree, EA was super excited to decorate it and see it all light up!! Who can blame her I was excited too.

A litle suprise I discovered while trying to put lights on the tree....... OUCH its prickley!!!! First time I had to wear gloves to put lights on a Christmas Tree...... Well, you tell me what you think, it was definitely worth it!!

One little tid bit..... EA did a wonderful job decorating the tree! She even put 2 to 3 ornaments on the same branch..... its too cute and we plan on leaving her decorating style. WE LOVE YOU Elly Ann :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its October and Halloween is coming!!

Busy weekend........... Disney  On Ice with Ansley at George Mason University and then Halloween Party at the Bell's House! What a fabulous day had by all!!!!

Disney on Ice! The girls were all dressed up in their Princess Dresses ready to see Mickey and Minnie and the Disney Princesses!

Enjoying the show and eating Cotton Candy!!!

We all enjoyed the show but no stopping to relax and move slow, off to the house because the Bouncy was being delivered....,...........

EllyAnn and her Besties! Wouldn't be a pary with out them!! There was Dora-Ansley, Ice Princess-EA and Kitty Cat- Sadie- Love'em

Wouldn't be a party without Batman-Christian and Jake the Pirate-Patrick

Whos ready for the Pinyetta????

Cant wait till next years Halloween Party! EllyAnn and Edie will have to think of something special to wear!!

Visiting Cousins in Ohio

Off to Ohio for a long Holiday weekend to spend with family!! Elly Ann is SUPER excited to see her cousin she cant wait to see them and play her heart out!

Definitely a house full in Ohio! Ms Suzie had friends in from Iowa and the cousins stayed over to play all day and night with each other!!

Needless to say everyone had a wonderful time and to top it off The GAMECOCKS Beat GEORGIA and OHIO STATE Won too!!!!!

EA and Lily enjoying Jason's Pumpkin Bread Mix

Playing outside on GrandMa and GrandPa's swingset while the weather was a lil warm............

Due to the cold weather in Ohio the kids played in a tent made with a sheet and a sofa....... Fun Times!

The BIG Kids went out "shooting" and the little kids wanted to be apart of the fun......... they got to wear the "EARS" .......... LOL love this pix

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Fun times at Cox Farm opening weekend!
EllyAnn enjoyed all the slides and being
with her buddies!

The weather was perfect and we all

had a wonderful time!

Big Sister!

EllyAnn is super excited to be a Big Sister and especially excited to be having a little sister!!! She couldn't sleep the night we found out, too cute! She is always saying how she is going to take care of her lil sister and share her babies with her. We are so excited to watch them grow up together and see their bond grow and become stronger and stronger each day.

We love you so much EllyAnn and know you will be a fabulous Big Sister :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday was Elly's First Soccer practice @ Lee Rec Center with her buddy Christian. They were both in the same group with Coach Nick and they did awesome!! Coach Nick had them "dribbling", stopping the ball, doing a trick and even flying :) She is definitely looking forward to her next Soccer practice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Princess

Yesterday Elly Ann was super excited because she knew her 3rd Birthday was TODAY, July 10th!!

Last night Jason and I were serenaded by Elly Ann signing, "Its My Birthday" (clap clap) "Its My Birthday" (clap clap)!!!

Wish I was quicker on the draw to video this cute and probably once in a life time moment.........

Someone will be waking up today with a HUGE SMILE on her face because TODAY is Elly Ann's 3rd Birthday!

We love you so so much Sweetheart. You've blessed us each and every day and we look forward to many wonderful years and watching you grow :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Girl- Watch Out Mommy and Daddy

July 1, 2012

EA gets her Big Girl Bed and is super excited!! She loves her new Big Girl Bed and was super excited to go to bed in it!! Mommy and Daddy were a little worried she would jump in bed all night or pull all her toys out and play play play but guess what she went right to sleep.

I cant believe my sweet little girl is turning 3 in ONE WEEK! These past 3 years fee like they've flown by and she is getting so big and growing into her own.

With that said about EA's Birthday in one week she has been asking for her Birthday for the past 2 months!!! Yes almost every day Mommy Daddy My Birthday today? EA wants a cake for her Birthday. Mommy Daddy my firends come over for my Birthday.
I think someone is super excited for her 3rd Birrhday!!! I cant blame her :)